CRi Enrolment Management Suite


Gain actionable insights. Make evidence-based decisions.

Now you can identify, attract, recruit, admit and retain the highest quality student prospects most suited to the post-secondary experience you provide.

The CRI Management Suite of research and analysis tools can help you develop a more focused enrolment management plan, and a clearly defined institutional profile that will attract more of your ideal candidates.

These empowering tools work equally well for

  • College-level programs

  • University undergrad or graduate programs

  • Specific faculties

  • Particular geographic segments

  • Local or international programs


Tool 1 – Prospect Insight™

For more focused recruitment and admissions

What if you stopped attracting the average student and started attracting only the students you want most? CRi research tools give you the power to do just that.

Prospect Insight™ lets you understand the recruitment and admissions process from your prospect’s point of view. This perspective generates powerful insights, showing you how to modify and streamline your processes through each step of the recruitment cycle so that your best prospects choose your school.

This research tool gives you the right information to rethink, retool and reboot your enrolment processes based on your recruitment and admissions priorities.

And it helps you compete with institutions that are already using this kind of analysis!

Here’s what you gain:

  • Insights into how your best prospects think and whether your initiatives are influencing their choice

  • Insights into how to target the needs of each student segment in your enrolment plan, whether defined by discipline, past academic performance, demographic profile, geographic location, or other criteria

  • Insights into the top three changes you must make to influence more of your best prospects

  • Benchmark measures that let you compare your performance against other institutions

To find out more about Prospect Insight™ contact Kirk Kelly or call 514-488-7987


Tool 2 – Character Insight™

For digital marketing that packs a personal punch

Character Insight™ helps you make marketing decisions based on understanding the types of students your school attracts, what motivates them, and how your school supports their capabilities and ambitions.

Over time, every institution develops its own culture and brand. CRi’s Character Insight tool uses psychographic segmentation to identify the types of students most drawn to your brand. Segmentation also provides insight into each prospect’s potential fit with your school culture and what you can do to shape that fit.

And to create successful digital marketing, you need to reach out to prospects and applicants in ways that capture attention and deliver meaningful messages.

There is no best university, only the university that is best for a certain kind of student. Character Insight™ helps you clearly communicate why you are the best university for your best prospects.

To find out more about Character Insight™ contact Kirk Kelly or call 514-488-7987


Tool 3 – Retention Insight™

To keep more students enrolled through the critical first year

Almost half of students who start post-secondary education never finish. A third of students who drop out never even make it past first term. It’s costly and disappointing for everyone.

What if you could identify in advance which students are most likely to drop out? If you knew who was at risk—even before they set foot on campus—you could reach out with additional support and potentially change their outcome.

CRi’s Retention Insight™ tool lets you do exactly that.

Timely intervention lets you help at-risk students make it through the tough first months so they ultimately graduate and move confidently into careers. Your school earns a strong reputation for proactive student engagement, and a consistent revenue stream from day one to graduation and potentially beyond.

To find out more about Retention Insight™ contact Kirk Kelly or call 514-488-7987


Enrolment Management Planning

To get everyone on your team working together

The enrolment process is a relay race. Marketing, recruiting, admitting and retaining can only be effective if the effort is coordinated and seamless. Everyone who has held the baton gets to climb the podium.

Over the last 12 years, CRi has helped 25 Canadian post-secondary institutions improve the results of their enrolment processes.

Our Enrolment Management Planning session is a collaborative process that brings together all players who share responsibility for enrolment management—outreach to graduation—to build a plan together. It is based on real data with the metrics and the checks and balances that help managers focus on optimal outcomes.

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CRi offers a range of research and consulting services to address many of the challenges in post-secondary education:

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