Top 4 reasons why clients choose CRi for enrolment research


1.  Only CRi turns research into action

CRi distills your research into the three or four key recommendations with the greatest potential to boost your enrolment performance.

If you’ve heard of continuous quality improvement, you know that there are always ways to improve any process.

But if you only have limited resources to make improvements, where should you invest those resources to get the best return?

Research is the obvious start, but then what?

While some research companies think they’ve done their job when they deliver overwhelming reports full of mildly interesting but unactionable minutiae, that's just not how we roll at CRi. 

Instead of pretty but ultimately useless stacks of graphs and tables, our reports tell you exactly what to do if you want to take your results to the next level.

Practical concrete evidence-based recommendations: that’s our promise.

CRi came in with a very clear message for us. They didn’t mince words. It wasn’t shocking, but it was definitely a wake-up call.

 - Dean, business school, major comprehensive university

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2.  CRi links your results to the way you recruit students.

See what’s working and where you are missing opportunities to really connect with applicants.

CRi’s analysis ties your research to the four phases of the recruitment cycle:

  1. Pre-application or prospecting

  2. Post-application to offer

  3. Post-offer to registration

  4. Transition to first year

Using data that shows how applicants measure your performance throughout these phases, CRi will reveal some easy wins to help you smooth out the recruitment process and build stronger relationships between your prospects and applicants and your university.

I really found CRi’s insights very helpful, through features such as Best Practices, Priority Actions, and their clear recommendations. I like that CRi can be the bearer of bad news, but their focus on solutions still means you come away from their report energized.
- Registrar, medical-doctoral university


For more on the enrolment research services we offer, contact Kirk Kelly.

3. You get the big picture

Our reports aren’t just about what needs to be fixed; CRi also makes sure you know what you’re getting right.

Getting a balanced view is not only realistic; it gives your team positive feedback and the inspiration to tackle things that really need to change.

Finding out that initiatives where we had gone out on a limb (and faced a lot of internal criticism) were strongly endorsed by applicants was real confirmation that we were on the right path.

            - Registrar, smaller Canadian university

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4. See how you stack up against the competition

Every time we present the results of an enrolment study, a few people always ask, “So how do we stack up against other universities?”

CRi’s benchmarks let you see where you excel and where you suck by comparing your major processes against current performance of other Canadian institutions.

If that kind of comparative information would be valuable to you and your team, we can definitely provide it with our complete Benchmark report card that situates you against competition on every major channel you use to build relationships with your applicants.


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